Brouwersgracht 98 in Amsterdam is a notable historic building located along the picturesque Brouwersgracht canal, which is part of the Jordaan neighborhood. This area is renowned for its charming architecture and rich history dating back to the Dutch Golden Age.

The building at Brouwersgracht 98 features a “halsgevel” (neck gable) with ornate decorations typical of Amsterdam’s canal houses. It has been designated as a Rijksmonument (national monument), highlighting its cultural and historical significance .

The Brouwersgracht itself was historically significant due to the many breweries that once operated along its banks, hence its name (“Brewers’ Canal”). Today, it is celebrated for its beautiful canal houses, many of which have been converted into stylish apartments, shops, and galleries, adding to the area’s vibrant atmosphere .

For more detailed information and images of Brouwersgracht 98, you can explore the Wikimedia Commons page dedicated to this building.

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